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Diagnosis of allergic diseases


IAST® (Inhalation Allergy Screen Test)

Allergy of the respiratory system (e.g. asthma or rhinitis) often presents with an unclear, confusing picture, making the correct diagnosis difficult.

Eurolab Ltd. introduces a clear solution to this situation: IAST®.

IAST® is a highly efficient test for the differential diagnosis of inhallant allergy. It is an in vitro Reversed EIA test in microplates manual or automated.  A single blood sample of 0.50 ml is sufficient to perform the assay. Results are expressed in allergy units (AU/L). The normal value is 0-35 AU/L (mean: 12.6 AU/L*). However the mean value for allergic individuals has been found 876.3 AU/L*.

In contrast with conventional screening tests for breathing allergy (e.g. Phadiatop®), IAST® can distinguish between seasonal (pollen) and perennial allergy.

The results of clinical studies show that IAST® has a 95.5% sensitivity* and a 100% specificity (no false positives*).


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------      (*) Eurolab Ltd.: Data on files.

(*) Papaconstantinou A., Makrygianni A., Spyrakou U.  Evaluation of a new in vitro test (IAST®) for the screening of allergy in asthmatic patients.  Regional Interasma Meeting, Marrakech 27-30 November 2003.